40 Photography Experiments – A Photography Basics Companion

Photography Experiments40 Photography Experiments is here to help you learn photography through active learning. Hands-on, at your own pace, these experiments are a fun way to learn at home, at your own pace. Take your time and think about what each experiment is asking and then try it yourself. And have fun!

Below are the topics we cover in this series. If you haven’t already, you should subscribe to the blog to receive all the daily lessons and experiments. I will be linking posts from the list below as they are written, so check back often to see what is new if you decide not to subscribe. I will be linking to my Photography Basics – A 43 Day Adventure series and if you haven’t read those topics, now might be a good time.

The series is free. There’s no catch. I am writing this series at the request from past workshop and tour students who want real-world tasks they can perform to gain practical experience with their camera. Learning photography, like any art, takes persistence and repetition and I hope this series can help you become a better photographer.Photography Experiments

The Experiments

(Experiments can be completed in any order, but it may help to start from the top and work down. If a subject is not clickable, it has not yet been written.)

It’s going to be a fun 40 days!

Thank you


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