Blurry Photos: A Helpful Rule To End Your Pain – Photography Basics

Photography Basics - Understanding Shutter SpeedMost blur happens because the shutter speed is too slow and you are moving, even just a little, when you shoot.

Short and to the point, to help stop blur because you are moving the camera too much, use this formula:

Don’t Shoot Slower Than 1/Focal Length

This simple formula comes into use when you are hand-holding a camera. Those using a tripod can throw this rule out the window.

In practice it looks like this:

  • 18mm lens = No slower than 1/18th of a second
  • 50mm lens = No slower than 1/50th of a second
  • 300mm lens = No slower than 1/300th of a second

And so on.

This applies to full frame or ‘cropped’ sensor cameras. Smartphones, mirrorless cameras, action cameras, drones…all of them.

As you might guess, most cameras don’t come with a 1/18th second of a shutter speed. For the most part, round down to the next fastest shutter speed (=higher denominator(the 18 in 1/18)). So that 1/18th can be rounded to 1/20th, just to be safe.

The faster you go, the less blur you will cause just by the fact that you are a human and have blood coursing through your veins and a silly, constant need to breathe. Breathing and holding a camera properly are important and will tip the odds in your favor.

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