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Sun Stars – Photography Experiments

Wandered here from somewhere else? Check out all of the 40 Photography Experiments! Today we will cover sun stars. This experiment is simple and can be a lot of fun. First, tell me what the main difference is between these two photos of the Treasury at Petra in Jordan: The answer is: the sun in… Read More

Light Trails – Photography Experiments

Wandered here from somewhere else? Check out all the 40 Photography Experiments! Light Trails Today’s experiment is a fun one and I hope it gets you thinking of light differently, because there are a lot of things that can be done with this one. Just to be clear, Light Trails, as I talk about them… Read More

Making White Tones, White – Photography Experiments

Today’s experiment might be a little more involved than its previous companion, Making Black Tones, Black. This is because white objects will show color cast from an incorrect white balance better than black. You will need to be on your toes to work your way through today. Good luck! Making White Tones, White As previously… Read More

One Subject, Ten Photos – Photography Experiments

Building on previous concepts that you need to look at light differently, today’s post in the 40 Photography Experiments series is fun but challenging. A lot of previous posts have been about thinking, looking, evaluating. Today, it’s all about doing.   Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Go take 10 pictures of the same… Read More

Different Times Of Day = Different Light = Different Photos – Photography Experiments

Let’s get started early on today’s photography experiment! Different Times Of Day = Different Light = Different Photos The purpose of the 40 Photography Experiments series is not to bring up earth shattering concepts, but to start you looking at light, and how you capture it, in a different way. Today’s experiment will seem obvious, but it… Read More

Look At The Light – Photography Experiments

Today’s topic in 40 Photography Experiments has less to do with using a camera and more to do with photography. Set your camera down for a moment, please. You won’t need it today. Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Look some place other than this computer/phone screen (but memorize these easy steps first). 2)… Read More

Panning Blurrrrrr – Weekend Experiment #4

This is one weekend experiment where it might be helpful to actually own a bunny. But barring a bunny, you can use any moving object. If you have kids they will have an assignment today and will be your test pilots! Pets, cars, speedboat attempting to elude James Bond…use what moving object you may have at… Read More

Getting Low – Photography Experiments

Already on day 9 of 40 Photography Experiments and it’s time to get down low. Really low. For today’s experiment you might get a little dirty, but that’s okay. If your camera has a flip screen, now is the time it will shine. Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Set your camera on Aperture… Read More