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Fun With Light Trails – Photography Basics

Fun With Light Trails Light Trails take a bit of imagination to conceptualize and shoot. While not vital, it helps to be able to plot out how you want your image to appear to understand the camera settings for this type of photography. Here’s the deal; light comes in to your camera and hits your… Read More

Travel Portraits – Photography Basics

Travel Portraits Part of the joy of travel is meeting new people. Sometimes they are like you and sometimes they are different. Okay, maybe more times they are different and that usually sparks our desire to photograph them. Before you grab your camera and start snapping, I have some tips and considerations for you. Observe… Read More

Moon Photography – Photography Basics

The moon It’s such an alluring photo subject and confounds beginning photographer more than it amazes. The problem is, when the moon is high in the night sky, it is contrasting the blackness of space more than most people realize. Our eyes and our brain do a great job of making the moon appear just… Read More

One Subject, Ten Photos – Photography Experiments

Building on previous concepts that you need to look at light differently, today’s post in the 40 Photography Experiments series is fun but challenging. A lot of previous posts have been about thinking, looking, evaluating. Today, it’s all about doing.     Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Go take 10 pictures of the… Read More

Cityscape Photography – Photography Basics

For today’s Photography Basics post I want to talk about: Cityscape Photography For those who might not be familiar with the phrase, a cityscape is like a landscape except you replace the land with all kinds of man-made things, mainly, a city. I haven’t always been a fan of these images until I gave it a… Read More

Panning Blur & Capturing Motion – Photography Basics

Today’s topic is one of the easier concepts to understand but one of the hardest to get just right.  Thanks to digital photography though, there is plenty of room to play and practice with this one. Panning Blur as a means to capture motion Panning blur is simply lowering your Shutter Speed to the point… Read More

Go Wide, Get Close – Photography Basics

Here’s a simple technique to start adding some dimension to your shots. It’s quick and fun. The idea is easy; go wide and get close. Sometimes to the extreme. Go Wide, Get Close It helps if you have a wide angle lens, such as a 16mm on a full frame sensor or a 10mm on… Read More

Capturing Waterfall Moods – Photography Basics

Next to sunsets, waterfalls are one of the most photographed subjects in nature. They are naturally alluring with their power, grace, calm or chaos. They can be a lot of different things and it’s important to know how to capture their various moods. Do you want your waterfalls silky smooth or freeze their motion and… Read More

Taking Better Sunset Photos – Photography Basics

The “Pretty Sunset, Bad Photo” Syndrome Raise your hand if you’ve taken this type of sunset picture: Great sunset, huh? I know, because I took this. It was an awesome sight. My first night in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and out of the sub-freezing temps in Seattle. On top of that, SUN! And relaxation (of a… Read More

Flash Basics – Photography Basics

Using a flash or strobe with your camera is a whole industry unto itself. I’m not going thick with this subject, just skimming the surface to let you know what’s out there. The Many Kinds Of Flash Strobe. Flash. Speedlight. A big pile of flash powder on a tray above the photographer. Artificial light comes… Read More