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Water Splash Freeze and Blur – Photography Experiments

In today’s experiment I want you to think about two concepts: freezing motion and blurring it. Our subject to day will be water and you’re going to take two photos of it in motion or more if you like. Check out all the 40 Photography Experiments.  Objective Your objective today is to capture one image… Read More

One Subject, Ten Photos – Photography Experiments

Building on previous concepts that you need to look at light differently, today’s post in the 40 Photography Experiments series is fun but challenging. A lot of previous posts have been about thinking, looking, evaluating. Today, it’s all about doing.     Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Go take 10 pictures of the… Read More

Different Times Of Day = Different Light = Different Photos – Photography Experiments

Let’s get started early on today’s photography experiment! Different Times Of Day = Different Light = Different Photos The purpose of the 40 Photography Experiments series is not to bring up earth shattering concepts, but to start you looking at light, and how you capture it, in a different way. Today’s experiment will seem obvious, but it… Read More