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Nepal Photo Tours Announced For Spring Of 2022

I’m happy (and just a bit ecstatic) to announce photo tour dates for Nepal in the Spring of 2022. Choose your own adventure: 18 day photo trekking tour. Fully supported (we carry your heavy gear, you carry your camera) and lead by experienced Sherpa guides who grew up in the Himalayas. 14 day fly and… Read More

What’s New For 2020

I’m pretty dang excited about photography opportunities staring me in the face this year. It’s going to be a little hectic, but in a good (get-paid, do-what-you-love) kind of way. More Blog Posts First, I’ve spent the last month or so working on my ability to focus and craft personal goals, such as reading 100… Read More

Moon Photography – Photography Basics

The moon It’s such an alluring photo subject and confounds beginning photographer more than it amazes. The problem is, when the moon is high in the night sky, it is contrasting the blackness of space more than most people realize. Our eyes and our brain do a great job of making the moon appear just… Read More

How To Conserve Power In The Backcountry

Photography in the backcountry, especially backpacking trips or treks, requires special attention in order to conserve power. Either you carry more batteries (or a solar panel) or conserve. When you are days or weeks on the trail, such as a nice stroll down the John Muir Trail (which is on my bucket list), or trekking… Read More