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Favorite Photos From 2021

Another year on the books but not as many photos taken this year for me. I have been gradually switching to shooting more video for stock work and client work but I still love still photography for what it can express in one still image. Here then are my favorite photos from the last year:… Read More

What’s New For 2020

I’m pretty dang excited about photography opportunities staring me in the face this year. It’s going to be a little hectic, but in a good (get-paid, do-what-you-love) kind of way. More Blog Posts First, I’ve spent the last month or so working on my ability to focus and craft personal goals, such as reading 100… Read More

Favorite Photos From 2019

2019 was a mixed bag of ups and downs in my photographic world. Ups include running two successful photo tours in Nepal in the Fall (more info here if you’re interested in your own custom tour), two trips to Alaska to teach photography and photograph cruise ships for UnCruise Adventures, and getting paid to shoot… Read More

Daily Drone Photo – February Challenge

Ready for a fun and semi-frivolous challenge? Do you own a drone? Then you’re all set for the February #DailyDronePhoto Challenge!! The goal is simple: Take a photo every day with your drone and post it to Twitter, tagging it #DailyDronePhoto Why? If you’re like me, you wish you flew your drone more but life… Read More

Sunrise Beauty Across The Puget Sound

Some mornings it’s worth it to get up before the sun, find a choice place to fly your drone and see what Mother Nature has to offer. With rain in the forecast for the 100 months, I’m glad I chose to freeze just a little while capturing this fantastic sunrise. This sunrise view starts from… Read More

Favorite 10 + 4 Photos From 2018

Top Ten lists aren’t my thing and I tried to fit my selection into such a finite number. But I failed. I failed because some of the photos I know you will like, being a casual observer, and some I will like, for the memories they bring to me. Let me explain, photo by photo…. Read More

DJI Mavic 2 Pro: HDR In Camera Or In Lightroom?

I recently purchased a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone for my Real Estate Photography business and have been curious about just how good the HDR feature is. Previously I had a Phantom 4 and its HDR capabilities were okay. I was better off using exposure bracketing and then creating the image in Adobe Lightroom. Which… Read More

How To Conserve Power In The Backcountry

Photography in the backcountry, especially backpacking trips or treks, requires special attention in order to conserve power. Either you carry more batteries (or a solar panel) or conserve. When you are days or weeks on the trail, such as a nice stroll down the John Muir Trail (which is on my bucket list), or trekking… Read More