Daily Drone Photo – February Challenge

DailyDronePhoto ChallengeReady for a fun and semi-frivolous challenge?

Do you own a drone?

Then you’re all set for the February #DailyDronePhoto Challenge!!

The goal is simple: Take a photo every day with your drone and post it to Twitter, tagging it #DailyDronePhoto


If you’re like me, you wish you flew your drone more but life gets in the way. Well, it’s time for the drone to get back in the way for the shortest month of the year!

28 days, 28 photos. It’s that simple and straight forward. No prizes, no judging and no rules (other than the image has to be taken with your own drone).

Indoors, outdoors. High up, underground. Works shots, fun shots. Hobby drone, professional cinematography rig. Panoramas, tiny worlds, infrared…. it’s all fair game.

The idea is to get the juices flowing, keep current with your flying and photography skills and have some fun. 

If you’re in, drop a note below and I’ll start following you on Twitter (I’m @pwcarey). If you miss a day, don’t sweat it; no one is keeping score. Just put in the effort the next day.

Some random inspiration form my last few months with way too few outings.