Limited Edition Print Collector’s Club

The Peter West Carey Limited Edition Print Collector’s Club is an opportunity to own unique photography at a fraction of the open-edition print price. Not only that, each image is guaranteed to be printed in a limited-edition, with the print run decided by the number of club members currently enrolled, never to exceed 100 prints of any image.

The Way It Works

Taktsang Monastery - Tiger's Nest, Paro, BhutanUpon enrolling in the club and paying the annual dues, you will receive a limited-edition print in one of four categories of your liking:

  • National Parks Of The World
  • Landscape & Mountainscape Majesty
  • Sunset & Sunrise Splendor
  • The Essence Of Travel

Prints are signed and numbered, come complete with a certificate of authenticity and a description/story. Professionally crafted on archival quality lustre paper with archival quality inks, your print is packaged to ensure safe delivery every two months.

Print runs are limited to the number of members signed up for each category. If you want to receive National Parks Of The World and so do four other members, you will each receive a signed, numbered print in a series of five images. If there are more than one hundred members signed up for a particular category, I will offer a different print for each set of one hundred members to ensure no print run is ever more than one hundred.

Your first print will arrive soon after you sign up. All future prints will arrive the first week of February, April, June, August, October and December. You may change your category at any time up to one week before the 1st of the month when a shipment is set to arrive and you may change your category as many times as you would like.

All prints will be suitable for framing as an 8″x10″ image with a border left for print numbering and signature.

Order Your First Limited Edition Print With No Obligation

When you click the “Buy Now” button, you will be taken to a payment screen where you will only pay for your introductory print ($40 US addresses / $62 International addresses). If you are happy with your first print, automatic billing will kick in to subscribe you for a whole year of prints delivered as described above.


Domestic US Addresses

Category Choice

National Parks Of The World

From the grandeur of Yellowstone to the heights of the Himalayas. From the ancient carved sandstone of Utah to the timeless plains of the Serengeti. From the icy fjords of Alaska to the blazing heat of Jordan’s Wadi Rum.

The world’s national parks display the utmost in natural beauty displayed in dramatic fashion. They are often a photographer’s wonderland and I strive to bring back high quality images from these national treasures.

When you sign up for the National Parks Of The World collection you will receive prints from six of the seven continents. Image highlight what it feels like to stand in awe of the grandeur of Nature, to behold her radiance and wonder.

Mount Rainier And Reflection Lakes At Sunrise, Mt. Rainier Natio

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Landscape & Mountainscape Majesty

It’s no secret mountains are one of my favorite subjects. If you are in love with the high places, join the Collector’s Club for the continual reminder of how wild and untamed the peaks of our world truly are.

Every other month you will receive a print from a number of mountain ranges throughout the world. The Himalayas are certainly a favorite, but images come from other corners of the globe as well. The collection is constantly being added to as I love to explore and return to the beauty of the mountains.

Not limited to just mountains, this category will include images from other classic landscape locations, including seascapes and broad vistas alike.

The Machermo Range Reflected In Dudh Pokhari, Gokyo, Solukhumbu,

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Sunset & Sunrise Splendor

Who can resist the ephemeral beauty of sunrise and sunset light? Just twice a day are we treated to this special show, but long does the glow last in your soul. People will drive for hours to find that perfect spot to watch a sunrise and now you can adorn your walls with an endless supply of those golden moments.

As with the other images, my sunset and sunrise images have been created on six of the seven continents and capture a wide range of foreground and distant subjects. From splashing whales to classic Utah arches, the series is meant to show you something new in the age-old daily ritual of our sun and our horizon.

Morning on the Columbia River

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If you love being away from home, exploring a new horizon, a new city, a new continent, then this is the collection for you.

My travels have taken me to many places people consider exotic and I have even returned to a few to capture a second set of images. Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, Nepal, Bhutan, Peru and more. Let me show you the amazing and fascinating scenes I have witnessed in order to spark your own wanderlust.

Yak (Bos grunniens) and Porter In Front Of Kangtega. Solukhumbu,

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Found below is a gallery with examples from each of the categories. More can be found at

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I give a membership as a gift?

Of course! Simply leave the recipient’s name and address in the comments section upon checking out and I will make sure the prints are delivered.

2. How often can I change my category?

You may change your category as many times as you wish. Just send an email to and let me know you would like a new category before the last week of the month before a shipment.

3. Can I cancel my order after it has started shipping?

Your initial order is for a trial period of one print. If you are happy with the print, do nothing and you will be enrolled as a regular member at the $240 price. If you are not happy with your print, cancel your membership before the automatic payment and you will not be billed further. Once your year of membership begins, you will not be able to cancel until the year is over.

4. Can I pick the photos that I receive?

Currently that is an option. If you have a favorite image you would like to receive within your chosen category, send me an email and I will do my best to ship it in the next batch. I can’t guarantee this is possible for all images, but I want to make an effort to offer some customization.

5. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! However, the cost for shipping is considerably higher and I can not guarantee delivery. I use the US Postal Service for international shipping via their Priority Mailing service and it is fairly reliable.

On the order page is an option for international orders. The cost is substantially higher, $130, and it all goes to covering shipping.

6. Do you send reminders when my year of membership is up?

Yes! I will send a remind to you that your annual club dues are about to renew and you can chose to cancel at that time. If I don’t hear back from you, one way or the other, I will cancel your membership rather than charge you for another year mistakenly. This is only if I can’t confirm 100% that you are happy with the program and want to continue another year.

7. Do you have more examples of images I might receive?

Sure thing. Head over to my gallery pages for thousands of images from which I will choose (and thousands more that are not yet posted).

8. Can I purchase more than one membership?

Certainly. You will need to step through the checkout process once for each membership category.

9. Can you give me some idea where are all the pictures taken?

The images were shot during my travels through the USA, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Tanzania, Kenya, Jordan, Oman, UAE, Australia and more. I am constantly planning future travels (Barbados, Belize, Joshua Tree and Yosemite are currently on the list) and will add images often.

10. How much does this all cost?

Your one year membership is $240 for US addresses and $370 for International addresses. This price is below my current prices for open edition prints (prints that are not signed nor limited in print quantity). The price includes all printing and shipping.

11. How big are the prints?

The prints are made on 8″x10″ paper and are left with a white border on which goes my signature and the edition numbering. You will be able to frame the prints with any standard 8″x10″ frame.

12. What happens if my print arrives damaged or I have another issue?

I am available by email or my contact page and will make things right, period.


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To begin receiving your bi-monthly limited edition collector prints, simply choose your initial category and click the “Buy Now” button. You may use any major credit card and do not have to have a Paypal account.

You will be only charged $40 for your first print. If you are satisfied with the print, automatic billing will kick in to subscribe you for a whole year of images. If you are not satisfied, I will return your payment and cancel your order.

Domestic US Addresses

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All International Addresses

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Sunrise At Mesa Arch II, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA, N