One Subject, Ten Photos – Photography Experiments

Building on previous concepts that you need to look at light differently, today’s post in the 40 Photography Experiments series is fun but challenging.

A lot of previous posts have been about thinking, looking, evaluating. Today, it’s all about doing.



Here’s the experiment you can run:

1) Go take 10 pictures of the same object. Make sure each picture is different in some way.



Wait until you try it.

These ten images can be in different light (meaning you can move the object) or they can be from different perspectives.

The object can be small or large (got a 747 in your backyard? You will have an easy time getting ten images out of that!). The important thing here is for you to think about each shot. There is no grade for this experiment so cutting corners only hurts yourself (yes, I typed that in a second grade teacher voice). Be creative!

Some things to look for? Try adjusting your aperture to get a different depth of field. Get close and go wide angle. Zoom in for minute detail. Use the Rule Of Thirds. Or throw it out the window and place your object on the edge of the frame.

Experiment, have fun! Then post your results on the web some place (blog, Flickr, etc…) and link to it from here for us to check out. I’d love to see what you shoot!

If you need some inspiration, I took the challenge myself and grabbed an apple. By the way, I suggest not grabbing fruit, because if you want to re-shoot something you might have already eaten your subject, speaking from experience.

Questions?  Pop ’em like Pez in the comments section below. or email me at

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