Photo Organization Services

Is your photo storage a mess and you don’t know where to start?

I’d love to help you get organized! The OCD part of my brain can’t stand disorganization and loves to tackle projects that put the world into order.

There are two ways I can help:

  1. We set up a time to meet online and use Zoom, Skype or Apple’s Messages to share your screen and asses what needs to be done. After gaining an understanding of what you want and the best way to organize, together we’ll craft a plan to bring order to your world. You’ll be responsible for most of the clicking and dragging and moving files. I’ll use my 15 years expertise in teaching photography and Lightroom to help you find organization that works for you.
  2. For those who don’t have the time and patience to organize, let me do it for you! Send me your catalog and files (small catalogs can be shared through OneDrive/Dropbox, larger catalogs will need to be sent on an external harddrive) and after we craft a plan together, I’ll get to work. What you’ll receive in return will look something like the image at right. Order out of chaos that magically gets organized for you!

Either path you choose, your catalog will once again be a joy to use. In my 15 years of teaching photography I have learned that not everyone’s brain is organized the same way. If you need a date-ordered structure, great! If you prefer events and client-shoots to lead the way, that works for me!

Not only will your old images become organized, I’ll create a system for you so new imports don’t mess things up.

Photos on multiple harddrives and locations? No problem! You want to import from another program? I can handle that too. Some on your phone, some on your computer, some on a thumbdrive? We’ll consolidate that into one system.

Whichever path you want, I’ll help you get organized!


To get started, you can email me (, call me (818-284-6142 and leave a message) or use my Contact Form.


  • Interactive, sessions where you will do the bulk organizing off-line: $75/hr
  • Send me your photos and I work my magic: $50/hr
  • Venmo, Paypal (all credit cards), Zelle, ApplePay accepted


Excellent tutor. Good knowledge and communication skills. Very nice person

Gave me ideas on cleaning up my Lightroom library, and cleared up some photo import issues that I was having. If I could I would throw in a couple extra stars. I will use his services again, and recommend him very highly.

Larry, 1 lesson with Peter

Adobe Lightroom organization instruction

Excellent, thoughtful instruction. Spent time correcting problems in my current organization and learning use of the Adobe lightroom eco-system. Highly recommended.

Michael, 3 lessons with Peter

Really Knows His Stuff

I hired Peter to help me organize my Lightroom Catalog after moving it off of a failed drive. Peter patiently and methodically sorted out the images and then made sure they were all transferred onto the new drive. Peter thoroughly understands Lightroom and is adept at explaining it all to his students. I would go to him again for anything related to Lightroom or Photoshop.

Susan, 2 lessons with Peter

Peter is the very best for learning how to create time lapse videos is LrTimelapse.

Peter’s expertise and patience are remarkable. He explained everything with crystal clarity. His knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and of LrTimelapse are extraordinary. I now know how to create time lapse videos. This could never have been done without Peter’s help. I look forward to working with him again. He has my full endorsement and I will recommend him whenever I can. I wish that I could give him ten stars.

David, 2 lessons with Peter

Peter was a very knowledgeable and patient tutor.

He seemed very thoughtful in analyzing the problem that I had and developed a plan for solving it. He was very friendly and I enjoyed the 4 hours that we spent in this lesson. I would definitely utilize his services again.

John, 1 lesson with Peter

So knowledgeable, SO patient!

I finally realized that I needed some help when I became so overwhelmed at the messy state of my Lightroom Catalogs and multiple external hard drives, I didn’t even want to pick up my camera. Peter helped me find my files, reorganize them in a structure that made sense to me, and offered to help me create a new and improved workflow – from camera to card to hard drives to organized Lightroom catalogs. I finally feel confident to move forward in my photography. I recommend him highly!

Kerrieann, 4 lessons with Peter

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