Individual Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Instruction – Seattle

Lightroom-5-InstructionUnlike film photography, digital photography has the added task of sorting images in a computer, possibly editing them a bit and then creating prints, books, posting to the internet or other forms of output. One of the best tools for handling all these images and the task of editing them is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, a tool created with the power of Photoshop but with today’s photographer in mind.

Individual instruction in the use of Lightroom will be at your pace and tailored to how you shoot and edit. I have been using Lightroom since it was first released and currently use it daily to sort, edit and export my photos for a number of uses. Topics we can cover include:

  • Importing, organizing and cataloging
  • Finding your way around Lightroom
  • Workflow, sorting and staying sane with so many photos
  • Basic edits
  • Understanding the most used options
  • Advanced edits and pushing the limits
  • Using Plugins to simplify exports
  • Using presets for a consistent look
  • Shortcuts and how to speed things up
  • Output for email, social sites and print
  • Printing directly from Lightroom
  • Specific topics you would like to cover

Each session can be held via your laptop and photos at a coffee shop convenient to your location or at your home/studio. This is a hands on experience where you will be editing your own photos and putting the information into practical, real world use the same day. This is not a classroom setting style lecture and is perfect for those who want the pace set to their liking. I can instruct on either a Mac or PC as I use both regularly.

I will draw on my 24 years of photography experience and former life as an corporate instructor (and current freelance work for various photography instructional websites) to make sure you are comfortable with how best to use Lightroom. I will send a pre-instruction questionnaire to gather what you would like to know and what you already know, as well as the type of equipment you would like to be instructed on.

The instruction also includes a month of email follow-ups to help solidify what was learned and continue the improvement process. I want to make sure you are comfortable with getting the most value out of Lightroom that you can. You will be free to email me questions as they come up while you continue to use Lightroom on your own.

Available in various locations on an ‘as scheduled’ basis.  I will work with you to plan a time and location that works for your schedule. Contact me to plan a time or ask questions.

The cost of a private instruction session is $210 for a 3 hour session, $265 for a 4 hour session and $510 for a full day. Would you like to bring a friend?  It’s only $50 for the second and third person, each, per 2 hour increment.  More than three of you?  Contact me for special pricing.

Give The Gift Of Lightroom Instruction

If there is someone in your life who would love the gift of individual Lightroom instruction, I will be glad to send you a physical gift certificate to present to them as a surprise. I will then schedule time and goals with the recipient directly, leaving you to be the hero of the day. Choose either the 3 or 4 hour gift options below and be sure to include a mailing address when ordering.

Other Sessions Offered: