Individual Private Photography Instruction – Los Angeles/Orange County

Some people don’t learn well in a classroom environment and for those of you out there, I offer 1-on-1 individualized photography instruction. The sessions are a non-stop exploration of what is important to YOU, first and foremost. Need the basics of light, shutter, aperture and ISO covered? Done. Want to move on to other, more advanced topics? Sure. Or maybe you’re new to it all and just want to understand what all the functions of your camera really DO?


We can either meet indoors at a comfortable location to go over theory and equipment familiarity or take a walk around town to get a real hands-on feel for your new skills.


We will meet at a time that is convenient for you, be it weekdays, week nights or weekends. To check availability, send me an email.


I will draw on my 24 years of photography experience and former life as an corporate instructor (and current freelance work for various photography instructional websites) to make sure you are comfortable with how best to use your camera and skills. I will send a pre-instruction questionnaire to gather what you would like to know and what you already know, as well as the type of equipment you would like to be instructed on.

The instruction also includes a month of email critique follow-ups to help cement what was learned and continue the improvement process.

Available in the Los Angeles area on an ‘as scheduled’ basis. I will work with you to plan a time and location that works for your schedule. Contact me to plan a time or ask questions.

The cost of a private instruction session is:

  • $75/hour for any duration

Would you like to bring a friend? It’s only $50 for the second and third person, each, per 2 hour increment. More than three of you? Contact me for special pricing.

Give The Gift Of Photography Instruction

If there is someone in your life who would love the gift of individual photography instruction, I will be glad to send you a physical gift certificate to present to them as a surprise. I will then schedule time and goals with the recipient directly, leaving you to be the hero of the day. Choose either the 2 or 4 hour gift options on this page and be sure to include a mailing address when ordering.