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Thank you for your interest in A World of Panoramas. This ebook is a compilation of images crafted over the past nine years from images shot on six continents and is a favorite subject matter of mine. The panoramic format allows for greater exploration of the landscapes and cityscapes contained within the ebook.

Currently the eBook offers 42 wide images; 20 from A World of Panoramas Photo Book and a bonus selection of 22 images. But the ebook doesn’t stop there.

A World Of Panoramas One Page

A World Of Panoramas One Page3


Roam The World From Your Computer, Tablet or Phone

A World of Panoramas covers a diverse array of landscapes and subjects; from the ancient sandstone deserts of Utah to the thin air of the Nepali Himalayas. From a cave carved by a waterfall in Australia to an amazing sunset in Jordan’s Wadi Rum. The subjects run a range of colors, moods and even orientation as a few of the images are unique vertical panoramas. The countries covered in this book include: Morocco, Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, Mexico, Peru, USA, India, Jordan, Oman, and Tanzania and was shot in a variety of national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The eBook is delivered as a PDF after your purchase is complete and can be viewed on any number of platforms.A World Of Panoramas One Page2

Semi-Annual Updates For Life

One thing I realized while compiling the original print book; I have a ton of panoramic photos from all my travels. Not only that, I love shooting in the format and have more than enough material for a number of books.

Rather than make this eBook a static document you view once and ignore forever, I am committed to keeping the book updated as I go both back through my images and forward in the future, crafting new images. Twice a year you will receive an email with a link to new updates for the ebook, free for as long as I keep crafting panoramic images!

Bonus Material Not Found In The Print Book

I wanted the print version of A World of Panoramas to be an object of beauty, to showcase the images in all their stunning vividness. I didn’t want distractions to the content.

And that is why I crafted the eBook to work either as a companion to the print book or as its own complete book. To that end I packed the eBook full of information better suited for the electronic format, including:

Sotry sideStories Behind The Photos

So many photo books focus only on the pretty pictures but don’t let the reader in on what is actually happening in the photo. I have taken the time to annotate each image with personal stories and relevant information about what they are viewing. I don’t want you to simply look at the photos, I want to help immerse you in them.

Location & Internet Linked Maps

For the curious, I include location information for each image, including name, nearest city, country, continent and then longitude & latitude (GPS Coordinates). Along side this information is a world mapA World Of Panoramas One Page containing a clickable link to a Google Map for further exploring.

Shooting Information

Photographers and the ultra-curious will find the shooting information helpful and I lay it all out there. I love helping people learn and I hope the shooting information helps others craft their own images.

Links To Additional Images

It can’t all fit in the ebook, so I have included thumbnails to other images taken at or near the location of the panorama to help enhance your viewing experience.

Links To Purchase Your Own Panoramic Prints

If you absolutely fall in love with an image and can’t stop staring, you’re in luck! I also offer links to help you have a print copy of any image shipped directly to your home, ready for framing and enjoyment every day.

Online Resource Links

I have limited space on each page for deep learning, that’s why I’m including a relevant webpages for each image, so readers like you can learn more about what you’re viewing.

Grab Your Copy Today During Our Pre-Order Sale

The eBook will go on sale August 12, 2015 for $10. If you buy today, you will receive 30% off the list price and a link for the book will be automatically sent to you on the 30th.

Sample Images

Peter-West-Carey-Second Gokyo Lake-Edit

Breaching Humpback Whale At Sunset, Gulf Of Mexico, Baja Califor

Peter-West-Carey-Mt Baker After Sunset

Peter-West-Carey-Dead Sea 2

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Moulay Idris, Morocco

Taktsang Palphug Monastery (Tiger's Nest), Paro, Paro District,

Panorama: Before Sunrise In Seattle, Washington, USA


Peter-West-Carey-Ama Dablam and lake


Delicate Arch, Utah, USA


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