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Panning Blur & Capturing Motion – Photography Basics

Today’s topic is one of the easier concepts to understand but one of the hardest to get just right.  Thanks to digital photography though, there is plenty of room to play and practice with this one. Panning Blur as a means to capture motion Panning blur is simply lowering your Shutter Speed to the point… Read More

Blurry Photos: A Helpful Rule To End Your Pain – Photography Basics

Most blur happens because the shutter speed is too slow and you are moving, even just a little, when you shoot. Short and to the point, to help stop blur because you are moving the camera too much, use this formula: Don’t Shoot Slower Than 1/Focal Length This simple formula comes into use when you… Read More

Understanding Shutter Speed – Photography Basics

Now that you know how your camera, any camera, works, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the The Exposure Triangle. Shutter Speed NOTE: Even if you don’t have a physical shutter in your camera (smartphone, action camera, drone and mirrorless owners), this information is vital for taking great photos. Shutter Speed affects blur. Get… Read More