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And Then, ISO – Photography Basics

Shutter Speed and Aperture. Check! ISO, The Sensitive Side of Exposure When it comes to the last side of the Exposure Triangle; you need to be nice, because it’s sensitive.  ISO is sensitive.  REAL sensitive. As a matter of fact, it is the only thing in your camera that handles the sensor’s sensitivity to light. It… Read More

What Is An Aperture? – Photography Basics

Welcome back from the weekend! As a refresher, we are starting in on the The Exposure Triangle and Friday started with Understanding Shutter Speed. What is an Aperture? Aperture affects Depth Of Field. Do you still hate math?  You might hate it more after this.  Check it out. Yeah. That’s Depth Of Field (from Wikipedia). There’s also the… Read More

Understanding Shutter Speed – Photography Basics

Now that you know how your camera, any camera, works, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the The Exposure Triangle. Shutter Speed NOTE: Even if you don’t have a physical shutter in your camera (smartphone, action camera, drone and mirrorless owners), this information is vital for taking great photos. Shutter Speed affects blur. Get… Read More