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Camera Modes Explained – Photography Basics

Building on yesterdays post regarding Metering Modes, Camera Modes control your whole camera and are very important. Camera Modes When I speak of camera modes I speak of those little letters and pictures typically atop a dial on the top of your camera. P, A, S, M, B and then a bunch of pictures. Or,… Read More

How Your Camera Works – Photography Basics

Yesterday’s topic was:  The Exposure Triangle Before we dive too deep into other subjects, I thought it best to explaining how your camera works. While not all the mechanics are the same for DSLR, smartphones, mirrorless, drones, etc… the principles are the same. We’ll use this DSLR image for reference: How Your Camera Works First,… Read More

The Exposure Triangle – Photography Basics

With our law and rules finished, let’s jump into how to make a photo. The Exposure Triangle First, there is The Exposure Triangle. It balances all things. Makes things right in the Universe. Or maybe it is just a handy metaphor. To be honest, the Exposure Triangle, to me, is better explained as two Teeter-Totters,… Read More