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Depth Of Field: Changing Distance or Zoom – Photography Experiments

Over the past two days we have covered how to change your depth of field using different aperture settings and focus points. Today’s experiment is meant to show how depth of field changes with your distance to the subject. Depth of Field: Changing Distance or Zoom Let me set up another straw man for us… Read More

Depth Of Field: Changing Aperture – Photography Experiments

Today we start a mini-series inside the larger 40 Photography Experiments series. Today, tomorrow, the next and the next, we will be focusing (har!) on Depth Of Field and the effects it has on images. Depth of Field Let’s start with a simple exercise to help get the “Ah ha!” moments going. Take a look at… Read More

What Is An Aperture? – Photography Basics

Welcome back from the weekend! As a refresher, we are starting in on the The Exposure Triangle and Friday started with Understanding Shutter Speed. What is an Aperture? Aperture affects Depth Of Field. Do you still hate math?  You might hate it more after this.  Check it out. Yeah. That’s Depth Of Field (from Wikipedia). There’s also the… Read More