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Daily Drone Photo – February Challenge

Ready for a fun and semi-frivolous challenge? Do you own a drone? Then you’re all set for the February #DailyDronePhoto Challenge!! The goal is simple: Take a photo every day with your drone and post it to Twitter, tagging it #DailyDronePhoto Why? If you’re like me, you wish you flew your drone more but life… Read More

DJI Mavic 2 Pro: HDR In Camera Or In Lightroom?

I recently purchased a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone for my Real Estate Photography business and have been curious about just how good the HDR feature is. Previously I had a Phantom 4 and its HDR capabilities were okay. I was better off using exposure bracketing and then creating the image in Adobe Lightroom. Which… Read More

How Your Camera Works – Photography Basics

Yesterday’s topic was:  The Exposure Triangle Before we dive too deep into other subjects, I thought it best to explaining how your camera works. While not all the mechanics are the same for DSLR, smartphones, mirrorless, drones, etc… the principles are the same. We’ll use this DSLR image for reference: How Your Camera Works First,… Read More