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Rule Of Thirds Experimentation – Photography Experiments

Today’s topic in 40 Photography Experiments is to practice the Rule Of Thirds. If you have not read up on the rule, I suggest you do so here.  It’s Election Day in the US so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) You will be choosing five subjects during this… Read More

Depth Of Field: Hyperfocal Concepts – Photography Experiments

  We played around with how to change our depth of field by changing our aperture, focus points and distance/zoom. Now let’s bring them all the ideas together for maximum focus; from the closest object to infinity. Hyperfocal Concepts Warning: This technique is hard to master with a point and shoot where you don’t know… Read More

Depth Of Field: Changing Distance or Zoom – Photography Experiments

Over the past two days we have covered how to change your depth of field using different aperture settings and focus points. Today’s experiment is meant to show how depth of field changes with your distance to the subject. Depth of Field: Changing Distance or Zoom Let me set up another straw man for us… Read More

Depth Of Field: Changing Focus Points – Photography Experiments

Changing Focus Points Let’s try a little Jedi training with you today. I’m not going to give you any supporting images to help you see what might happen. “LUKE: (laughing) With the blast shield down, I can’t even see. How am I supposed to fight? BEN: Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” Actually,… Read More

Camera Focus Modes – Photography Experiments

Get Into Focus If you’re not using manual focus, it’s a good idea to become familiar with how your camera decides to focus so the subjects you want are sharp. If you’re in the wrong mode, your camera may be confused about what you want to focus on (face it, it will never really know… Read More

40 Photography Experiments – A Photography Basics Companion

40 Photography Experiments is here to help you learn photography through active learning. Hands-on, at your own pace, these experiments are a fun way to learn at home, at your own pace. Take your time and think about what each experiment is asking and then try it yourself. And have fun! Below are the topics we… Read More

Get Moody – Photography Basics – Weekend Experiment #3

This weekend’s experiment is to find and shoot some moody images. It’s the best time of year as the seasons change and the mood is tending toward gloomy (Northern Hemisphere) or sunny (Southern Hemisphere). Weekly Recap We started this week learning about White Balance and how important it can be if you’re only shooting in… Read More