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Sunset – Photography Experiments

Looking for a sunset and wandered here from somewhere else? Check out all the 40 Photography Experiments. It’s almost summer in the Northern Hemisphere and that means it’s time to tune up your sunset taking skills. For those South of the equator, you still have time to participate! Sunset Examples Here’s the experiment you can… Read More

Slow Shutter Speed And Bracing Your Camera – Photography Experiments

Raise your hand if you carry a tripod with you wherever you go? Okay, the five of you who do can ignore this post. The rest of you, here’s a chance to get more from your camera by blurring things in a good way, without a tripod. There are many times when you want to… Read More

Daylight Through Smoke Or Dust – Photography Experiments

Yesterday’s topic was Shoot Some Shadows. This is the last part of the light and dark, super contrasty experiment mini-series (not its real name). The other parts were Shooting Some Shadows and Shooting Some Silhouettes. Today we want to add some pizzazz to sunlight photos. Specifically, when sunlight is coming through an opening, be it… Read More

Camera Focus Modes – Photography Experiments

Get Into Focus If you’re not using manual focus, it’s a good idea to become familiar with how your camera decides to focus so the subjects you want are sharp. If you’re in the wrong mode, your camera may be confused about what you want to focus on (face it, it will never really know… Read More