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Photographing Shadows – Photography Experiments

Yesterday’s topic was Photographing Silhouettes. This is part two in a mini-series. This series looks at silhouettes, shadows and light through smoke. They are all essentially the same thing, but we’ll pull them apart to see the subtle differences. Examples If you read yesterday’s post, this is more of the same. What you’re looking to… Read More

Making White Tones, White – Photography Experiments

Today’s experiment might be a little more involved than its previous companion, Making Black Tones, Black. This is because white objects will show color cast from an incorrect white balance better than black. You will need to be on your toes to work your way through today. Good luck! Making White Tones, White As previously… Read More

Cityscape Photography – Photography Basics

For today’s Photography Basics post I want to talk about: Cityscape Photography For those who might not be familiar with the phrase, a cityscape is like a landscape except you replace the land with all kinds of man-made things, mainly, a city. I haven’t always been a fan of these images until I gave it a… Read More

Night Photography Tips – Photography Basics

Night Photography As photography requires light to work, Night Photography can present special opportunities, otherwise known as challenges. Less light coming in means wider Aperture, slower Shutter Speeds and higher ISO. But it’s not always that simple. Ok, sometimes it is. Night shots, like this one of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, often require… Read More

Taking Better Sunset Photos – Photography Basics

The “Pretty Sunset, Bad Photo” Syndrome Raise your hand if you’ve taken this type of sunset picture: Great sunset, huh? I know, because I took this. It was an awesome sight. My first night in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and out of the sub-freezing temps in Seattle. On top of that, SUN! And relaxation (of a… Read More