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Photographing Silhouettes – Photography Experiments

Our last experiment was Panning Blur. Today, let’s start a mini-series. This will be a three part series looking at silhouettes, shadows and light through smoke. They are all essentially the same thing, but we’ll pull them apart to see the subtle differences. Example How did I shoot this shot? Where did I meter? Some… Read More

Panning Blur – Photography Experiments

Yesterday’s topic was Sun Stars. Today let’s try something fun, but sometimes frustrating; Panning Blur. First some inspiration and then the experiment. Examples   Here’s the panning blur experiment you can run: 1) Switch to Manual mode. 2) For starters, pick a shutter speed of 1/20. This is a good place to start but play around… Read More

Take A Portrait – Photography Experiments

Wandered here from somewhere else? Check out all the 40 Photography Experiments! Today’s experiment is fairly easy on the surface, but so is most photography at first glance. Point, hit button, look at back of camera. But we want to go a little deeper and think about what we, meaning you, are photographing today. Today’s… Read More

One Subject, Ten Photos – Photography Experiments

Building on previous concepts that you need to look at light differently, today’s post in the 40 Photography Experiments series is fun but challenging. A lot of previous posts have been about thinking, looking, evaluating. Today, it’s all about doing.   Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Go take 10 pictures of the same… Read More

Look At The Light – Photography Experiments

Today’s topic in 40 Photography Experiments has less to do with using a camera and more to do with photography. Set your camera down for a moment, please. You won’t need it today. Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Look some place other than this computer/phone screen (but memorize these easy steps first). 2)… Read More

Panning Blur & Capturing Motion – Photography Basics

Today’s topic is one of the easier concepts to understand but one of the hardest to get just right.  Thanks to digital photography though, there is plenty of room to play and practice with this one. Panning Blur as a means to capture motion Panning blur is simply lowering your Shutter Speed to the point… Read More

Flash Basics – Photography Basics

Using a flash or strobe with your camera is a whole industry unto itself. I’m not going thick with this subject, just skimming the surface to let you know what’s out there. The Many Kinds Of Flash Strobe. Flash. Speedlight. A big pile of flash powder on a tray above the photographer. Artificial light comes… Read More