What’s New For 2020

I’m pretty dang excited about photography opportunities staring me in the face this year. It’s going to be a little hectic, but in a good (get-paid, do-what-you-love) kind of way.

More Blog Posts

First, I’ve spent the last month or so working on my ability to focus and craft personal goals, such as reading 100 books this year (I fell just short of it last year with 87). That practice is now spilling over to my blogging.

Let’s face it, this blog doesn’t generate the millions of dollars you might think it does. 😉 So I put my time into profitable tasks first and sometimes the blog is ignored. A lot.

No more!  You can hold me to this one: I will be posting at least once a week on this blog, continue my Photo Of The Day over at The Carey Adventures, and also post at least once a month of Far Horizon Photo Tours. Subscription buttons are available on each site (different lists, in case you don’t want to see everything).

Work Projects

My two largest projects this year so far are very cool gigs indeed.

First, I’ll be spending five weeks in an RV traveling from Indiana to New York City to shoot video for MS Runs The US. It is a fundraiser that centers around a coast to coast relay with 19 different runners. Each runner runs a marathon, each day, for about a week.

Sounds intense! I’m glad I’m not running it! But I am excited to be capturing the emotions, trials, victories and life on the road for these amazing everyday athletes that have stepped up to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research and assistance. Check out the run and consider making a donation.

Second, I’ll be hopping aboard the newly streeeetched Windstar Star Breeze for a two week assignment in Australia. That trip will take us from Melbourne to Kangaroo Island (I’m curious to see the rebound the area has made at what will be the one year anniversary of the devastating wildfires) to Tasmania to Sydney. While this ship is slightly larger (310 guests) than the 80 passenger craft I am used to shooting for UnCruise Adventures, I believe it will be a solid challenge to capture its essence and deliver marketing images for my client.

A New Take On Nepal And Bhutan Tours

Last year’s two photography tours in Nepal were a resounding success. Both trips sold out (although one guest had to back out due to a broken hand) and I know my guests had the time of their lives spending 13 or 17 days exploring Nepal with their cameras in hand.

Going forward, I’m switching up how I schedule my tours. Rather than place a date on the calendar, I’m leaving dates open to individuals and groups to best fit their schedule.

This concept also allows for custom group sizes, from 1-8 guests on a trip, as well as custom itineraries.

Want to spend more time in the Himalayas beyond the two week typically trek? No problem! Is there a region of the country you always wanted to explore but want to avoid places you’ve been? We can do that! Want to combine a Photo Trek with a Photo Tour for a solid 30 days of exploration. We’re ready for it!

The best times to travel are in the Spring and Fall to avoid the monsoons and freezing temperatures in the Himalayas. But we’re not totally against heading out in the Summer or Winter if you have the gumption for it!

To get you started, I have prices and basic itineraries (from which to deviate) on my Far Horizon Photo Tours site for both the Photo Trek and the Photo Tour in Nepal.

Take a look and gather your friends, family or photo club for an unforgettable adventure!

Personal Assignments

In between Lightroom instruction sessions here in LA, as well as anywhere with an Internet connection, I have a few personal assignments to fill out my stock photo and video libraries. Those will include trips to:

  • Arizona and New Mexico
  • Las Vegas
  • Northern California National Parks

If you’re in need of images or video (land-based and aerial) from those locations, drop me an email.

Finishing Photography Basics and Photography Experiments

This one needs to get done and it has been hanging on long enough. I WILL finish both Photography Basics, A 43 Day Adventure AND 40 Photography Experiments before the year is out. Come hell or high water. Preferably neither.

Both series have about 20 posts left each. I like to keep the quality of my posts higher than “Good enough! Ship it!” which slows me at times. But 40 posts is doable with a roadmap and the remaining 300 days I have.

If you have any feedback on either series that will help me make the content more relevant for you, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Flushing The Queues

I have a huuuuge backlog of photos and videos to post for sale and licensing. About 3 years worth.

Both still photos based on land and drone as well as ample video captured on recent photo tours in Nepal as well as two trips to Alaska last year. This stuff makes me no money just sitting on my hard drive without the world knowing about it.

It’s time to set it free! 

But not for free. 🙂 While the returns on stock photography tend to dwindle each year on a per image basis, predictably so as more and more people can take better and better photos with whatever is in their pocket, I feel a strong need to get this logjam broken up and available. I made okay money last year with both photo and video and am not going to abandon it just yet.

Are You In Need Of A Photographer/Videographer?

I realize a lot of blog subscribers are photographers yourself and not in the market to buy and hire. But if you are one of those in need of specific imagery, let’s get in touch and see how I may be of help!

Enough About Me, What About You?

Now that you’ve read this far, I’d love to hear what you have planned for photography in 2020. Leave a comment, drop me an email, or if you’re in LA, let’s meet up for a drinkable!


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